Best Tips And Trick Procedures for Domain Flipping Success In a nutshell domain flipping is the act of buying and selling domain names and making a profit. Domain Flipping, aka Flipping Domains or Website Flipping (if including a website with the domain name you sell), is an extremely viable way to make money online as the start up costs are small and the investment is low risk. With Domain Flipping there is the potential to turn a small investment into a steady income stream. You can earn passive monthly income through advertising or creating a website on your domain name, while also generating traffic to the site which in turn increases its value even more. Further if your domain name is inherently valuable you can sell it at a profit based on this fact alone. Some people liken the domain flipping process to buying a property, fixing it up and selling it on for a profit. Domain names are like online real estate; they are unique and the combinations are finite. Names and name combinations are often in demand and if the demand is there for a domain name you own you are in a good position to trade it at a profit. This trade is still relatively unknown; people think that boom is over but buying and selling sought after domains is always a viable trade. You may be thinking right now that all of the obvious domains are gone but even combinations of letters and words flip for high profits. A news story I read on Forbes tells of a teen who bought for $620 and flipped it for $12000. “Name value domaining