Best Marine Pumps That Never Corrode in Seawater, or Wastewater

The Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc. has been offering innovative pump solutions for over 100 years, and is proud to manufacture the best marine pumps, machined entirely from their patented SIMSITE® structural graphite carbon fiber composite. SIMSITE® Structural Composite Engineered Pumps, Impellers, and Pump Part Upgrades never corrode in seawater, brine, river water, sewage, or chlorinated water, and they work well with most acid and alkaline solutions.
The engineered design, reliability, high efficiency, superior mechanical strength, and non-corrosive nature of these pumps is what makes Sims Pump the best choice when used in corrosive environments such as Seawater, or Wastewater. SIMSITE® PUMPS outlast and outperform metallic pumps in corrosive applications, extending pump life well beyond industry expectations. SIMSITE® products have a long track record of being significantly more durable than bronze, stainless steel, duplex, or super duplex stainless steel.
Sims Pump offers innovative solutions for centrifugal pump applications, primarily focusing on customers who are pumping corrosive products, including Navy, Merchant Marine, Work Boat, Offshore, Power Generation, Waste Water, Chemical, and the Oil and Gas. SIMSITE® Pumps are also used for scrubbers, paper and pulp, mining, plating, steel, water treatment, textile, and utilities.
SIMSITE® PUMPS, Impellers, and Pump Upgrades are currently in use by major Navies around the world, including the United States Navy, the German Navy, and the Korean Navy, as well as Fortune 500 companies. Clients in the Merchant Marine, Offshore, Cruise Line, Oil and Gas, Water Park, and Wastewater Industries rely on Sims Pumps because their innate ability to tolerate corrosion and cavitation, as well as erosion from sand and silt in seawater.
Unlike most other pump companies that offer only standard lines of pumps, SIMSITE® Pumps & Impellers are custom designed and engineered to meet the customer’s unique performance applications. SIMS PUMP designs their pumps specifically for the customer’s Operating Performance, resulting in less shaft deflection, lower radial loading, higher efficiencies and a much longer life for the pump.
SIMSITE® Pumps and Parts are machined from solid blocks of the patented SIMSITE® Structural Composite eliminating balance problems, cavitation, casting defects, and enabling the pumps to last longer and to be more energy-efficient.
In addition to their precision-machined and engineered pumps, SIMS products include impellers, casing rings, guide bearings, sleeves, mechanical seals, and other replacement upgrades for centrifugal pumps. All SIMSITE® Products are made in the United States.
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