Best children’s story book publishers in India

With no return to normalcy like going back to school in sight for children, it is important to not let them out of the habit of reading books. This is also the best time to inculcate that practice and which better publisher to choose books from than one of India’s best children’s story book publishers – Maple Press.

Maple Press, launched in 2009 by the founders of GK Publications offers a range of books of various genres especially meant for children. In just a few years the publication has established a strong footing in the industry majorly because of the plethora of books it dedicates to children at affordable prices.

From Illustrated Panchatantra moral stories, to early learning books that allow kids to get a hold on basics of subjects like Hindi, English, Maths, environment etc in the most creative and engaging way to abridged versions of classic tales like Mahabharata that help a child gain knowledge of the Indian mythology- Maple Press takes care of a child’s learning, knowledge and interest while making sure that all these experiences are fun.

Not only learning, but Maple Press’ range of over 900+ titles caters to children’s leisure reading needs with genres of New Age Authors, self help books, english literature, classics, fiction such as thrillers, non-fiction titles and even filler books such as Sudoku.

Translations of yesteryear classics of Indian authors like Premchand and Rabindranath Tagore, are available both in English and Hindi. Over 200 illustrated storybooks consist of folklore, mythology and history that are ideal for home and school libraries. Apart from this, children’s catalogue is inundated with activity-books, biographies, essay writing books, grammar, coloring books, nursery rhymes, writing books, general knowledge books and complete sets for primary level.

The USP of all these titles is that they are extremely affordable.

Titles available on Maple Press aim to keep their prime audience, the children, engaged not only in learning but also in garnering miscellaneous knowledge.

Classic tales section includes titles such as Little Women, War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Great Expectations, Jane Eyre among others that help a child develop interest in English as well as Russian history and are great titles that can help a child learn new vocabulary.

Moving along with the times, Maple Press has also ventured into the E-book industry through its new state-of-the-art project, It is an online children’s library and e-book subscription service that already has over 250 titles with more in pipeline. The idea is to give children access to all kinds of books, anywhere, anytime.

Additionally, Maple Press team has also launched a crowd-funding portal for books,
It promotes writing talent and aims to discover the next generation of writers. Within 6 months of its launch, the platform has successfully published over a dozen authors.

Information about all book titles can be found on the website and the entire catalog is available here. Orders can be easily placed on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Moreover Maple Press aims to keep its customers engaged beyond the realm of books and carries out regular contests information of which can be found on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Follow Maple Press on these social media platforms for regular updates and trivia on books.

All in all the kinds of titles this 10 years young publishing house provides along with its services is what has made it one of the best Children’s publishers in India, so choose from the best titles at for your child.

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