BEST Announces Increased BGA Rework Capacity for Faster Turn Times

BEST Inc. announces an increase in its BGA rework capacity. BEST has installed an ERSA IR/PL 550 to increase its BGA rework capacity and reduce lead times. The system uses medium IR and can rework components up to 60 x 60mm in size with boards up from 20 x 20″ (300 x 340mm). IR rework is ideal for the smallest components as there is no airflow to disturb the solder connections. In addition, IR rework can focus the heat energy in order to minimize the disturbance of any neighboring components or solder connections. Finally, IR BGA rework systems do not require custom-made nozzles which slow down project turn times.
BEST has been providing BGA, LGA, QFN, POP and other complex device rework since the late 1990s using a variety of rework technologies. BEST has very large format hot air systems as well as smaller table top versions. It has added numerous IR systems in the last few years to mirror the industry requirements for the rework of micro packages. Inspection of the workmanship is per IPC guidelines augmented with X-ray and optical inspection.
“This continued investment in our business allows our customers to have continued faster turnaround times,” commented Dan Patten, general manager at BEST Inc.
About Business Electronics Soldering Technologies (BEST)BEST ( is a supplier of PCB rework and repair services and soldering tools in the communications, computer, industrial, automotive, avionic and military sectors. Headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois BEST is a master IPC-certified solder and wire harness training center certifying students and instructors in IPC-A-620, J-STD-001, IPC-A-610 and IPC 7711/21. Training takes place in Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Cleveland and near Nashville, TN, as well in its fully outfitted mobile training center.
Source: BEST Inc.