Berry Companies Acquires Agriculture and Industrial Equipment Shop in Northeast Colorado

Berry Companies, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Ag Teck Repair, Inc. out of Sterling, CO, located in the northeastern corner of the state. Ag Teck Repair, Inc will become the 10th store location for the Bobcat of the Rockies division of Berry Companies, which currently covers territory in Colorado and Wyoming.
Walter Berry, CEO, said, “We are grateful to have been able to acquire this location and expand our presence in Colorado. This store will allow us to provide the excellent Berry Companies service to new customers in the region.”
Ag Teck Repair, Inc will be rebranded as Bobcat of the Rockies, Sterling. The location will continue to sell and service Bobcat and Grasshopper products.
“We have been able to retain all employees from this location and know that they will be great additions to the Berry Companies family. We are confident that they will take what they already do well and grow on that within our company,” says Steve Meadows, President of Operations for Berry Companies.
Berry Companies was founded as Berry Tractor & Equipment, Co. in Wichita, KS in 1957 by Fred Berry and his late brother Paul. Today, Berry Companies, Inc. is run by Walter Berry (Fred’s son) and operates eight divisions throughout the Midwest. Berry Tractor & Equipment (Komatsu), Berry Material Handling (Hyster – Yale), and six Bobcat divisions: White Star Machinery, Bobcat of the Rockies, Bobcat of Houston, K.C. Bobcat, Bobcat of North Texas, and Bobcat of Atlanta.
Source: Berry Companies, Inc