Benefits of Being a Student in London

It’s the dawn of another day in the busy metropolis of London and with it springs a host of new experiences and activities for you to look forward to. This is very much the case if you are a student, because if you are a student in London it means that you have a variety of activities and experiences to choose from, to such extent that in most cases the choices available can be overwhelming.

London is a unique metropolis offering diverse set of experiences and activities to choose from that you could live your entire life here and still not know all the secrets on offer in Europe’s largest city. Having this multitude of choices also makes life in London interesting to a student as it is possible to sculpt your lifestyle according to the way you choose and at the same time enjoy a wide range of alternatives.

Transport is one of the factors that play a pivotal role in the life of a London student as personal travelling usually tends to create a huge hole in the bank account. Among the several alternatives available, the cheapest would be using a bike. However it is also important to keep in mind that London traffic being what it is, cycling may not be your best bet if you are not very confident on a bike.Travelling in London can be hectic, frustration and confusion, but knowing how the transport system works will save a lot of hassle. London boasts of the oldest metro system in the world and it is usually the quickest form to travel from A to B. If you are a regular user of public transport then the use of a 18+ Student Oyster Card is definitely advisable as it not only gives you discounts but can also be used as a normal Oyster card.(An Oyster Card is generally the cheapest way to make single journeys in London and is an alternative to paper tickets.)

Accommodation is another important aspect that has to be considered when living in London. Certain universities have intercollegiate halls where students from their colleges and institutes can live in. So it is important for a student to find out if such accommodation is available from their campus. An advantage in favour of living in halls is that you get to meet and make a lot of good friends and get to enjoy the full flavour of living as a student. However if you can’t get accommodation in halls, it is always possible to find a flat so that you can share it with flat-mates.

Another advantage in favour of life in London is when you consider shopping as a student on a budget. It is not as hard as it someone would tell you. There are many food markets in local areas where you can buy groceries cheaply. There are also many supermarket chains such as Tesco, Morrisons or Asda which offer competitive prices for their products. In terms of clothing it is possible to find a lot of variety and bargains in offer along Oxford Street but in terms of price H&M, Peacocks, Primark, Tk Maxx and Matalan are the cheapest.

Jobs for students in London are commonplace, be it, part time jobs, summer jobs or holiday jobs. It is possible to find all types of part time, temporary and summer work in London. However many of the best holiday jobs or part time jobs available for students come from the catering/hospitality sector or promotions.

London is a great place which offers you a great deal of choices as a student. It is important to make the choices that you feel most comfortable with and most importantly have a great time while doing whatever you do in London.

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Published By: Jake Collums Broward

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