Behavior Panel Determines Santa Claus Is Real

The Behavior Panel, behavior and body language experts who have trained the world’s elite services and world leaders in how to detect deception, have turned their attention to Santa in a unique interview, and guess what… he is the real deal they say.

“Kids across the world who during these difficult times have wondered if Santa is really there for them need only watch The Behavior Panel with their parents to know once and for all he is coming this Christmas and as real as the beard on his face,” said the Behavior Panel.

The Behavior Panel released their findings on their popular YouTube Channel – The Behavior Panel. The Behavior Panel consists of Mark Bowden, the world’s leading expert on body language; Greg Hartley, a human behavior consultant and one of the world’s foremost interrogators; Chase Hughes, described as the world’s top behavior specialist; and Scott Rouse, the world’s premier behavior and body language expert. They questioned Santa Claus and were able to answer such questions as does he live in the North Pole, does he really deliver gifts to everyone throughout the world on Christmas night, does he employ elves, do reindeer fly, does he really keep a list of who is naughty and nice, and many other questions that have evaded answer over the centuries. The Behavior Panel conducted an extensive interview with Santa Claus that is on their YouTube channel and based upon their expert skills they answered definitively that Santa Claus is real and everything said about him is real.

The Behavior Panel’s YouTube discussions have covered such topics as Prince Andrew’s truthfulness in the Jeffrey Epstein case; an analysis of Amber Heard’s body language during the Johnny Depp trial, and analysis of the body language of Joe Biden, Donald Trump. Mike Pence, and Kamala Harris during the 2020 debates. The Behavior Panel has been featured on Dr. Phil.