Before I Fall Chapter Tres

PLEASE READ EVERYTHING! From top to bottom, please (: You woke up in a room. You weren’t sure where exactly. It looked so familar though. I heard a knock at the door. “[YN] Wake up. It’s time for school.” You saw who it was, it was your mother. She was dressed in her PJ’s. “I don’t feel good.” you said You really didn’t you felt hot and you had stomach pains. “Let’s see, I’ll check your tempature.” -get’s thermometer- “101 degree’s. No school for you, get some rest honey.” You remember this day, you went to school and your mom left. Your dad said she “Needed some time to think” Why were back 4 years ago, you remembered being at a party with Mia, Jules, and Jason. Then you drove home and everything went black. You went to sleep, hopeing it was a dream. *Couple of hours later* You hear your Mother and Father fighting. “YOU KNOW WHAT TYLER, I’M SICK OF THIS!” “KELLY, YOU NEED HELP! I’M TRYING TO HELP YOU! FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDERN KELLY! GOD DAMMIT! YOUR A HORRIBLE MOTHER!” “DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME A HORRIBLE MOTHER! -slaps him- I’M A GOOD MOTHER! -crying- “GET OUT KELLY AND DON’T COME BACK OR I’LL CALL CPS ON YOU! YOUR JUST A FUCKING DRUGGIE! HOW CAN I NOT CALL YOU A HORRIBLE MOTHER YOUR THE REASON JAXON’S DEAD! -starts crying- “I DIDN’T MEAN TOO! YOU ALWAYS BLAME ME FOR THAT!FINE! I’LL GET MY STUFF AND LEAVE!” “IT IS YOUR FAULT, YOU WERE HIGH AND DRUNK! YOU COULDN’T OF CALLED ME! YOU SHOULD OF DIED INSTEAD OF JAXON! HE HAD SO MUCH TO LIVE FOR! HE WASN’T EVEN A YEAR OLD

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