Beck: Dollar Collapses Then New World Currency Results in a New World Order?

Will the collapse of the US Dollar result in a New World Order? And if it does, then what will this new order be, and what affect will it have on the living standards of Americans? The reason I ask what affect it will have on American living standards is because I am an American and for me America and Americans come first; the rest of you can take a hike. On this video they speak of no solutions. Just what can we do to stop this equalization with the rest of the world where we are dragged down to their level? The only solution that I can see is to go into isolation; retract from the world. We need to produce our own products again, and Americans need to buy then no matter the price, knowing that in the end it will be to our benefit. It will mean of course that we will have to do with less, but that is the price that we will have to pay to keep our standard of living up. To some it makes no sense what I am saying, but to me it makes perfect sense. I as an individual do this already. I buy American every chance I get, or I just do without. Of course if it is a product that I have to have to live, then I buy it no matter where it is made, but given the choice I buy American. With my business it is different. Sense I am just getting by financially, I am forced to buy Chinese products in order to stay competitive with my competition. The thing is that if it where national policy to put tariffs on products from countries that basically pay slave labor wages, then all American business’s could afford to by American. The result of buying American would be that our money (wealth) would stay in America employing Americans who would be buying American products etc. A lot of people will argue with me about this, but I think that they are wrong. The life that we have been living (economically) since the end of WWII has not been real; we have been depending on ever lowering prices that are unsustainable. I will explain. Our standard of living in America has only been going up because prices have been falling. The reason that prices have been falling is because we have been shipping our jobs overseas in order to obtain cheaper consumer goods which in return raises our standard of living. So even though we have been losing high paying manufacturing jobs over the decades, which were replaced by lower paying service jobs, we have not seen a lowering of our standard of living because our purchasing power has continued to increase because of the cheap imports, but like I stated earlier, this is not sustainable, and it has finally caught up with us; we have reached the situation point. We have basically hit bottom. We have exported so many of our jobs that there are almost no more of them to export, therefore prices will not continue to drop as in the past which will result in diminishing purchasing power. So with our purchasing power diminishing, and our high paying production jobs shipped overseas, what will we do? Are we going to be able to service each other into wealth? Where will our income as a nation come from if all that we do is buy imported goods? There is of course another factor involved which is our government. Our government has also been subsidizing our lost earnings with their money giveaway programs, welfare, Social Security disability payments because you have headaches and therefore cannot work, refundable tax credits because you can’t make ends meet, etc etc. And of course the government has been doing this on borrowed money. So as you see, our future doesn’t look bright. It looks to me that we have two choices. We can join the New World Order which will result in the loss of our sovereignty and liberty, or we can retract into our borders together and suffer though some very very hard times, but as free men and women. The choice is ours. What will it be? jbranstetter04

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