Barry Adkins Stepping Down as CEO of Daram Engineers

Effective Immediately, Karla Adkins will assume the role of CEO at Daram Engineers. 
“Karla will utilize her more than twenty years of experience in public education to strengthen our current relationships, expansion into providing services for the public sector, as well as perform the day-to-day executive administration of the company,” said former CEO Barry Adkins. 
“I am excited to apply my years of experience in the public sector to help Daram develop, maintain and strengthen the sometimes complex relationships with public entities,” said new CEO Karla Adkins. 
Barry will continue to be involved with Daram, focusing on special projects, such as their new advanced oil, gas and mineral rights title search and landman services. Barry will also oversee Daram’s expansion into new regions as well as developing new and expanded services that are complemented by their current engineering, land surveying and new landman services. 
“This change in leadership will allow me to focus all of my attention on engineering, business expansion and product development. I am excited to get back to the functional areas of the firm I founded, knowing the day-to-day administration is in the hands of an experienced executive,” Barry said.
Background: DaRam Engineers, Inc. is a turnkey design professional company for almost any Commercial, Industrial, or Residential development. Daram has provided complete project design for industrial facilities, various commercial facilities, mercantile facilities, hotels/motels, subdivisions, and other projects.
Daram’s services include Complete Building Design for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential development, including ground-up consulting and design, elevation certificates, plat surveys, advanced mineral rights and landman services as well as other engineering services. 
Daram provides Civil, Structural, Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing Engineering, Creative Building Renderings and Designs, Floor Plans, Space Planning Drawings, all drawings for the building envelope, as well as Boundary, Topographic, Construction, Development Surveys and Landman Services. 
DaRam Engineers, Inc. provides comprehensive design & consulting services for developers, property owners, general contractors, trade contractors (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.), real estate professionals and investors, title companies, lenders, and insurance agents. Their design professionals have been awarded software patents from the United States Patent Office and have other patents pending.
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Source: Daram Engineers