Back To Space Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Apollo 14 and Award for SpaceX

Back To Space, LLC, and Apollo 16 Lunar Module Pilot, Charlie Duke, will be giving an award to SpaceX during the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Apollo 14 at the Kennedy Space Center on Saturday, June 19. Charlie Duke and SpaceX will be in attendance at the event. This nearly sold-out event will also feature the debut of a song about the Apollo missions by recording artist, Shelley Laine, and be streaming for those who cannot attend.
At the apex of the event, a lifetime achievement award, the MOON TO MARS, will be presented to SpaceX and its leadership for significant work in the transformation of humanity and pushing the boundaries of exploration. This “handing of the baton” from one generation of pioneers to a transformational leader of the next, will be presented by Apollo 16 legend, Charlie Duke, the youngest man to walk on the Moon, a member of the Aviation & Astronaut Hall of Fame, acclaimed speaker, and retired General.
When President Kennedy said: “We choose to go to the Moon,” in 1962, it seemed impossible. We could not get our rockets to clear the launch pad, much less put a man on the Moon. Six years after Kennedy’s speech, Walter Cunningham, who will attend the event, flew the first Apollo mission. Less than seven years after that speech, Neil and Buzz landed on the Moon. A few years after that, Duke and John Young drove an electric vehicle on the Moon. That generation accomplished the impossible.
Elon Musk’s SpaceX started with an impossible dream. Like NASA, many of their early rockets exploded. With dedication, persistence and vision, SpaceX is now carrying astronauts and supplies to Space. 
As a Moon walker and a member of that first generation of intrepid space pioneers, Charlie Duke will present the MOON TO MARS to SpaceX for their transformational work, pushing the boundaries of human exploration.
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Source: Back To Space, LLC