aXpire and Eleven Ten announce strategic partnership

Digital Transformation of the Expense Allocation and Management Landscape – aXpire and Eleven Ten sign a new business development strategy agreement for the UK and European Financial Services marketplace.

aXpire, a US-based spend management provider, and Eleven Ten, a UK-based consultancy firm, is entering into a strategic partnership wherein they will work together to introduce aXpire’s digital transformation software products to the UK market. As a part of the partnership, Eleven Ten will lend consultative insight to aXpire based on their financial markets experience of working for companies including Citi and Bank of New York.

“In today’s market the need to streamline processes in pursuit of saving time and money is essential for any business to survive, let alone grow,” states John Fenton, CEO of Eleven Ten. “The partnership with aXpire will enable Eleven Ten to offer streamlining software solutions to its clients. Working with aXpire fits with Eleven Ten’s Mission Statement of helping enhance and grow its clients’ business operations, in this case with software.”

The strategic partnership spawned from a previous legacy relationship through Eleven Ten’s CEO, John Fenton, a long-standing advisor to aXpire. Working side-by-side, Eleven Ten and aXpire will grow the use of aXpire’s software, which utilizes machine learning to automate repetitive manual tasks present within most organizations today, giving its clients the opportunity to assign staff to more meaningful, revenue-generating work.

“We’re excited to be working with Eleven Ten to help our products gain entry into the UK market,” states Gary Markham, CEO of aXpire. “Our products, including expense management and expense allocation software, can compete with well-funded and established software companies such as SAP and Oracle while being offered at a lower price point with an equal amount of core functionalities.”

About aXpire
aXpire is a spend management provider of software solutions spanning multiple industries, including funds, legal, insurance, and beyond. The company was honored with the keys to Miami-Dade County by Mayor Carlos A. Giménez in 2019. Moreover, aXpire also offers a legal billing software with natural language processing, a new feature for the legal industry.

About Eleven Ten
Eleven Ten is a consultancy firm offering business development services. The firm focuses on helping SMEs get C-level expertise without adding the overhead of a full executive team. Eleven Ten’s founders have combined experience working for PayPal, Apple, Bank of New York and Citi.

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