Avidli LLC Links Arms With Verite Diversity Business Fund to Help Women & Minority-Owned Businesses Thrive

In the wake of COVID-19, two powerhouse companies have joined forces to revive underserved purpose-driven businesses. With a focus on supporting women- and Black-owned businesses, Avidli LLC and Verite Diversity Business Fund will assist small and mid-sized businesses across the country through their collective branding and financing expertise. With a holistic approach to social impact marketing, Avidli will assist with branding, SEO research, and content development. Once in place, these necessary avenues will significantly impact what Verite brings to the table. Their financial advice and fundraising options will create the optimum positioning and exposure one needs for investor interest.
A preliminary study regarding the early-stage effects of COVID-19 on small businesses shows that, in the first two months of the pandemic, over four million businesses were lost in the U.S. The most extensive loss on record, African-American-owned companies experienced the most devastation at 41 percent.
With hope, Deidre Osei, Founder and CEO of Avidli LLC, said of the new partnership, “The pandemic will likely continue to influence businesses in 2021. But we see a window opening as everyone spends a great deal of time on the Internet and consumers expect companies to take actions that both increase profits and improve conditions in communities where it operates. Small businesses, particularly those with a strong social impact, have the opportunity to distinguish themselves through a multi-channel organic approach that allows them to compete for new projects, contracts, partnerships and opportunities.  That’s where this collaboration is key. With our help, a tailored strategy, and action plan, brands will be able to grow their digital footprint, gain financial support, and ultimately drive traffic, sales, and investor interest.”
“Avidli is a great partner, and this agreement demonstrates our commitment to enabling brands to embrace technologies and implement innovative practices. Small business owners will have a greater chance of increasing awareness for their brand and rekindling their passion,” said Donald Jones, Co-Founder Managing Partner at Verite Capital Partners. “Verite Capital Partners is known for its implementation of growth and improvements in each of the financing it sponsors. The firm also collaborates with seasoned and dedicated industry veterans who assist its portfolio companies, specifically in areas of strategy, finance, marketing, merchandising, product sourcing, systems development, and implementation, and brand revitalization.”
About Avidli LLC:
Avidli is a social impact marketing agency that collaborates with socially conscious brands to create meaningful marketing strategies that focus on collaboration and building impactful communities. 
About Verite Diversity Business Fund:
Verite Diversity Business Fund has completed over 5,000 SBCA transactions over $20 million since 2014 in domestic emerging markets. For more information, visit www.vertidedbf.com
Deidre Osei
Founder & CEO, Avidli LLC
Source: Avidli LLC