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Advertise Online! www.100kinfiveweeks.com Lets touch on four of the best free ways to get free website traffic to your website. These four are probably the first you want to be looking at when your start promoting a new website. Their cheap, actually their free, and they work. Let’s have a peek! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) robots are also popularly known as search engine spiders are creatures you want to befriend. And you know what, I know that Google loves us so don’t make it hard for them to love us more. Lead these spiders to where they want to be and in return you will get free website traffic. SEO basically has 2 sides Let me call this first side the on site SEO. Well basically, this is the side where these spiders see you, so better make sure that you are using the right keywords in your website content. Think of a textbook with headings, subheadings and content, and you want your keywords in all of them. Remember to make use of alt tags together with the images. Try out these easy tips and you will definitely get free website traffic from these Net friendly spiders. The second side is called off site SEO. It has to do with how other websites link to you using anchor text links. These clickable texts are sometimes uncontrollable as you generally cannot tell another website how to link to you. If possible you want people to link to you using the keywords that complement your site. The authority and content relevancy of the site linking to is also quite important

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