Authors Naomi S. Caskey and Brad M. Caskey’s New Book ‘White Raven: Transit of the Moon: Book 1’ Follows White Raven’s Attempt to Make Peace in a Self-destructive World

Naomi S. Caskey and Brad M. Caskey have completed their new book “White Raven: Transit of the Moon: Book 1”: a gripping and potent work that combines powerful storytelling with stunning modern poetry.
Author Naomi S. Caskey wrote the poetry portion of the book. She works as a nurse in Alaska and is pursuing a degree in Native American Studies. Author Brad M. Caskey, who wrote the story for the book, has written two other works of fiction, “The Galactic Trunk” and “Pastor Mike’s Accidental Outreach into Time and Space.” He also resides in Alaska and has several more works in the process of coming to life.
Author Brad M. Caskey has written an epic spiritual tale of transition that mixes both historical and ancestral symbolism into the simple act of making peace. This exciting story is based on the poetry of Naomi S. Caskey, which is inspired by her personal life experiences. Throughout this book, each chapter is preceded by the poetry that inspired that particular piece of the story, blending the work of these two authors into one comprehensive creation.
Author Brad M. Caskey writes, “‘From here on, you must speak the language of our enemy. You must train your mind and body to be one with the hunt! Unega Kalona, you are White Raven in their tongue. Tsiyu Yona, you are called Copper Bear. Yes, even you, Unoga Agana, must use your pale name. It is strangest to my tongue, but you are Bass Rain. Copper Bear, you are the defender! Last hope for preserving White Raven’s light from the vile coyotes of Monichoia Pass! Bass Rain, you are the bringer of fish and the source of life when spirits need relit. Your call is to the spiritual needs in your band. Bloodshed is not your way. Remember that. You must always remain true to your calling even while helping Copper Bear fulfill his own terrible duty. Each of you is vital to this mission, so my spirit would not let you walk away without these words.’ he explained.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Naomi S. Caskey and Brad M. Caskey’s compelling work follows the journey of White Raven as she attempts to make peace in a world that is bent on self-destruction.
Readers who wish to experience this captivating work can purchase “White Raven: Transit of the Moon: Book 1” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.
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