Authors Donna & Jonna’s New Book ‘The Aardvark and the Anthill’ is a Sweet and Silly Story About an Aardvark on the Hunt for a Tasty Treat

Newman Springs Publishing authors Donna & Jonna have completed their new book “The Aardvark and the Anthill”: a whimsical tale about an aardvark searching for a tasty treat. Donna and Jonna are twin sisters and best friends. They were born and raised in Montana and spent most of their careers as kindergarten teachers. They both received Elementary education degrees from MSU, and a master’s in creative arts and curriculum from Lesley University.
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, the sisters’ imaginative tale begins with the aardvark looking for something yummy for her tummy. 
“The aardvark has a grumbly tummy. // The ants have something yummy. // The ants are in their hill. // And share their treats, they will. // But…the ants won’t budge!” writes Donna & Jonna.
The story follows the aardvark as she dons numerous disguises and tries many different strategies to get her prize. She eventually learns that patience is the key. The story is brought to life with lovely, original illustrations that will have young readers laughing and singing along with their silly new hero. 
Readers who wish to experience this whimsical work can purchase “The Aardvark and the Anthill” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.
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