Author William A. Lamon’s New Audiobook ‘The Last Shades of Scarlet: Wolves of Laconia’ is a Historical Tale That Vividly Accounts the War Between Athens and Sparta

William A. Lamon, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and passionate student of classical history whose academic and professional careers have led him to many places throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, has completed his new audiobook “The Last Shades of Scarlet: Wolves of Laconia”: a mesmerizing and fascinating historical story that connects readers today with a glance into ancient times.
William states, “With Athenian power and wealth growing, many turned to Sparta for assistance as they were seen as the only city-state in Greece capable of balancing Athenian power. The collection of city-states allied to Athens was known as the Delian League, and this consisted of many coastal and island city-states on the Aegean and Adriatic. Those allied with Sparta were known as the Peloponnesian League, the most significant members being Corinth, Boeotia, Elis, Melos, Pylos, Mantinea, and Epidaurus.”
Published by Audiobook Network, author William A Lamon’s new audiobook is a clever book that follows the daunting journey of a young Spartan, Adronikos, and his mentor, Gylippus, during the Peloponnesian War. Mixed with true historical details, this fiction tale brings ancient Greece to life.
While growing up, Adronikos is formally trained to be a warrior and assassin. However, he also discovers love from his childhood friend. Since she is not Spartan, it is a perilous relationship fraught with danger. As time goes on, he remains in love with his companion despite the circumstances, but chaos is emerging in Greece again. Adronikos must focus on his missions to aid his mentor on crucial tasks that can determine the war’s outcome.
With the pressure building up, Adronikos and his lover face the costs of war which teaches them about love, betrayal, death and destiny. Their situation is similar to Romeo and Juliet; both couples are star-crossed lovers attempting to remain together while being pulled apart. Listeners will discover if Adronikos fate will be as tragic as Romeo’s and if he will remain loyal to his country or his heart in this action-packed and romantic historical fiction tale.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “The Last Shades of Scarlet: Wolves of Laconia” by William A Lamon through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon.
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