Author Wade Bey’s New Audiobook ‘Fruits of the Poisonous Tree’ is a Gritty Work of Urban Fiction, a Heartbreaking Window Into the Lives of Children Born to Unfit Parents

Wade Bey, a Chicago native and former gang member who survived several attempts on his life and a decade of incarceration in a federal penitentiary before landing a job in the oil industry, devoting his efforts to help others avoid the same pitfalls in their own lives, has completed his new audiobook “Fruits of the Poisonous Tree”: a compelling story that shines an unsparing light on the entrenched conditions in impoverished neighborhoods and their devastating effects on the children who grow up surrounded by crime, drugs, and hopelessness.
Published by Audiobook Network, author Wade Bey’s new audiobook is a riveting book set in 1987 in Chicago, where street gangs were highly organized and the Ida B. Wells housing projects were one of the most dangerous in the nation. Two brothers, Carl and Tommy, were born into a world of hell and chaos, fighting every day to survive living with drug-addicted parents. A child’s innocence was a small price to pay to secure their next fix. Abandoned by their mother after their father’s incarceration, they turned to their friend Lucky and joined the Gangster Disciples.
After years of them learning life’s lessons in the streets, the brothers’ father is released from prison a born-again Christian. Carl finds it in his heart to forgive him; however, Tommy, a psychopathic killer, wants brutal revenge in the worst way. To add to the chaos, the brothers are caught in the middle of a Gangster Disciple and Black Disciple gang war.
The Black Disciples win the war, and Lucky flips to the opposing gang, led by King Neal. He quickly rises the ranks to the top of the lucrative drug trade in the Ida B. Wells housing projects. Events quickly unfold into a bloody fight for survival as Lucky’s list of adversaries continues to grow, with his childhood friend being at the top.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Fruits of the Poisonous Tree” by Wade Bey through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.
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Source: Audiobook Network