Author Vivian M. Fong Announces the Release of Tricking the City

With thousands of small cities and towns in the United States and scarce resources to oversee them behind the rose-draped sidewalks, corruption wreaks havoc on innocent citizens. But some citizens will not go quietly in the night to let unscrupulous behaviors go unchecked.
Vivian M. Fong’s book, TRICKING THE CITY, spotlights a year in the life of Demorest, Georgia, where municipal affairs are becoming as good of a plot as any for a Southern gothic novel. The only thing is, the author is a curator of the truth. Therefore, this is a biological work—and she will not stop writing until the truth sets her city free of corruption. 
TRICKING THE CITY is appropriate and engrossing for any reader interested in, or desperate for, a helpful guide in bringing peace and order to their community.
All proceeds from this book will be donated to the Demorest Springs Park renovation project.
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“If you could listen to the heartbeat of a city, you would hear the constant pounding from traffic, people, rattling of infrastructure, even nature vying for space among the innovative crevices of humankind. No wonder city dwellers are dreaming in New York City, sinning in Las Vegas, and falling in love in Paris. Cities are the pulse of life. I am a first-generation Asian American from Taipei, Taiwan, which has a strong heart, with gleaming structures among the tallest in the world, lightning-speed elevators, and bustling night markets. My home has been the city of Demorest, Georgia, for decades, however. Its heartbeat used to be pretty steady, never too fast, yet sometimes slow. More recently, its chambers are disrupted, damaged, and compromised.” –Vivian M. Fong 
On Sale: August 23, 2021
Price: $18.99
ISBN: 978-1-7376189-0-4 
Source: Vivian M. Fong