Author Todd Netland Promotes His Christian Fiction Thriller – Fame and Fortune Tellers

Todd Netland’s book, “Fame and Fortune Tellers,” is the story of one man’s rise to the top, almost overnight, in the pop music business. Randy Miller is a young choral teacher who encounters a spiritualist at the tag end of a mini-vacation, who prophesizes a sudden rise to stardom for this school choir teacher. This prediction comes true, but it turns out to be a life of emptiness, joylessness, and conflict for Randy and his family.

Other characters enter into this story who all come together as the main plot and subplots of the story thicken and unfold. Meet Brad Applebaum: a young Christian, zealous about his walk with God, but green in the things of the Lord and life in general. Travel with Pam Jackson: an on-fire Pentecostal and prayer warrior. Meet Darryl Temple: a total loser who ends up completely destroying his life. And finally, meet Eric Burns: leader of the communist revolutionary group, “The Red Riding Rangers.”

This novel involves choices of different people and how these choices play out, both in this life and the life to come.

Fame and Fortune Tellers is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
Fame and Fortune Tellers
By Todd Netland
ISBN: 978-0692316771
ASIN: B075Y23XR7
Pages: 388
Genre: Christian Fiction, Thriller

About the Author:
Todd Netland is an accomplished pianist, composer, and arranger. He has crisscrossed the USA and traveled to sixty countries of the world, sharing the love of Jesus through his music and personal testimony in places where the light of the gospel is dim and His voice is heard small. He has traveled as a keyboardist, one and off since 1990, with Jon Stemkoski’s CELEBRANT SINGERS. Netland is the author of “Is the Rapture the Real Deal”, a treatise on end-time Bible prophecy. He currently resides in Pacheco with his lovely wife, Wendy Flagg-Netland.

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