Author Thomas Blackshear’s New Book ‘The Child Support Felon’ is a Gripping Memoir of the Obstacles Faced by the Author While Dealing With the Ohio Child Support System

Thomas Blackshear has completed his new book “The Child Support Felon”: a powerful and enlightening look at how the child support system unfairly treats parents, and a new proposed way to ensure that the system treats all parents fairly and keeps both parents involved in the lives of their children.
“This book is about my experience with the child support system in Ohio and how I met many obstacles dealing with the mother and the court system,” writes Blackshear. “Imagine being ordered to pay $1,200 a month for two children out of a monthly salary of $2,100 when you already are caring for an older child. Well that is what happened to me.
“I write about the key points throughout the process where I defy and then try to cooperate with the court, which led to my being charged with a felony for nonpayment and then imprisonment after a plea agreement had been reached, which the court did not honor. I talk about my time in prison and some of how the system works. I also detail how this affected my children, who were trying to establish a relationship with me before and after I got out of prison.
“At the end of the book, I write a proposal to change the child support system from one that is punitive to one that is a cooperation between parents that can eliminate the court completely based on what I tried to establish in my relationship with the mother. I offer a plan that will hopefully bring fathers back into their children’s lives by presenting a solution that is focused on the child instead of being punitive to a parent.
“This book is needed now because not only does it affect the people of lower income like myself, but I often hear rich celebrities complain about how the child support system needs to be changed. The object of the book is not only to make the system equal for both parents but to also keep fathers in the lives of their children.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Thomas Blackshear’s thought-provoking read is an impactful look at how the child support system often treats one parent unfairly, and shifts focus away from the wellness of any children involved.
Readers who wish to experience this poignant work can purchase “The Child Support Felon” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Newman Springs Publishing