Author Rydell Lewis’s New Book ‘The Artificial Person and the Color of Law’ Talks of the Power of the Artificial Person as a Creature of the Law

Rydell Lewis, a first time author, has completed his new book “The Artificial Person and the Color of Law,” a book that talks about capitalism in modern USA.
Rydell writes, “Read through the maze of governmental municipalities and learn how the artificial person is a creature of law in registered form and thereby, through legislation has statutorily statuted the natural person into nonexistence. Learn how to establish the “separation” to begin taking back the “consent” to “contest” the artificial person presumptive evidence of the fact by the rebuttal presumption with the burden of proof that the proposition presented is true. Also learn how to apply admiralty jurisdiction, where the golden fringe flag hangs in a local court to have the nature and cause remain as a commercial proceeding, obtaining the document representing the bond for the chattel property pledged as collateral security for the performance of the obligation or repayment of the debt on the penal sum violation, thereby entering the commercial numbers upon the record to faithfully and fairly discharge the undertaking.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Rydell Lewis’s new books is for those who want to learn and will find that ignorance of the law does more harm than one realizes.
Parents who wish to share the love shared in this eye-opening, controversial volume can purchase “The Artificial Person and the Color of Law” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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