Author Reynold Ruslan Feldman Promotes His Self-Help Book – Wisdom For Living

WISDOM FOR LIVING is an invaluable resource and guide for strengthening, developing, and accessing your own inherent wisdom nature. Each of us comes hard-wired with the equipment needed to navigate the rough waters of life. This equipment is our intuition or gut feelings, available to all. Yet like the GPS in a car or phone, we need to learn to access, use, and trust it. These short essays suggest how you can find wisdom in a variety of people, places, and things. You are encouraged to keep a wisdom journal (WJ) in which you respond to a motivating question at the end of each essay. In this way, you will create a personal handbook for guiding your life while using your inner guidance to deal with challenges.

Wisdom for Living: Learning To Follow Your Inner Guidance is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
Wisdom for Living
Learning To Follow Your Inner Guidance
By Sharon Clark & Reynold Ruslan Feldman
Publisher : O-Books
ISBN: 978-1789041491
Pages: 159
Genre: Self-Help; Mind, Body, & Spirit

About the Author:
REYNOLD RUSLAN FELDMAN, Ph.D., is a New Thought visionary and author of ten books. A retired university professor and administrator, he has a passion for helping people realize their personal wisdom. SHARON CLARK is a writer and editor. RE-wired after a career in public relations, she mentors seniors in preserving their personal histories through memoir writing.

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