Author R. Greg Lau’s New Book ‘The Young Wagoner: Surviving Braddock’s Defeat 1755’ Follows the Life of a Fourteen-Year-Old Wagoner, and Survivor of Braddock’s Defeat

R. Greg Lau, who taught high school history for thirty years, has completed his new book “The Young Wagoner: Surviving Braddock’s Defeat 1755”: a gripping and potent work that introduces a fourteen-year-old Pennsylvania Dutchman, farmer, and wagoner. The exciting tale follows his life and adventures as he grows up to become a survivor of Braddock’s defeat in 1775.
Author R. Greg Lau writes, “Family farming is all about hard work, and it starts early in life. Farmers don’t just grow crops—they grow workers. I must have been about four years of age when Ma took me to the end of a row of young cabbage plants. She pointed to the cabbage and said, ‘No pullout!’ Then she pointed to the weeds and said, ‘Pull out!’ I worked at the task until it was completed. Another early responsibility was collecting eggs in the chicken house. At first, I was intimidated by Brewster the Rooster. He had a bloodred comb and wattles, fancy hackle feathers on his neck, tail feather swooped over his hind end. He was handsome, and he was big! As soon as I turned my back, he would spring at me with spurs, beak, and flapping wings. He left me with physical scars and a wounded pride. The problem was solved when I armed myself with a stout stick.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, R. Greg Lau’s exciting tale combines history with thrilling fiction as the events leading up to the Revolutionary War unfold. 
Readers who wish to experience this captivating work can purchase “The Young Wagoner: Surviving Braddock’s Defeat 1755” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.
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