Author Pastor Raymond Vietmeier’s New Audiobook ‘The Book of Scripture vs. Culture’ Provides Perspectives in One’s Life and Compares Culture With God’s Plan for Humanity

Pastor Raymond Vietmeier, a computer software designer, developer, support specialist, associate pastor, and Vietnam War veteran, has completed his new audiobook “The Book of Scripture vs. Culture”: a heartfelt devotional that directs readers to the author’s faith-driven life that exudes insight on culture’s opposition to the Lord’s Word.
Pastor Vietmeier describes his book, writing, “‘The Book of Scripture vs. Culture’ explains what the title implies. It uses biblical scriptures to explain the difference of the culture in the United States from the scriptures that say what God expects us to do. The book explains how one person was guided by God from childhood until he ultimately made that person into a preacher and a disciple. Since the author could not know the details of another person’s relationship with the Holy Trinity, he used his own life story. Following that story, he explains about miracles God performed to protect him from harm so he would ultimately do the work God had planned for him from the time of conception. Also, this book goes into great detail as to what is going wrong with our culture—it is going in the opposite direction from what God expects of us in the Holy Bible. As an ‘ordained independent minister,’ the author tries to back up everything he writes with scripture. He also describes how God personally directs and guides him when writing sermons and also writing the books God wants him to write. The author hopes you not only enjoy reading this book but also may learn things of which you were not previously aware of. May God bless America, and may we change our cultural direction to agree with the holy scriptures.”
Published by Audiobook Network, author Pastor Raymond Vietmeier’s new audiobook is a devotional book that purposely proclaims God’s Word to all people and compares it to society’s current culture around the world in hopes of enlightening hearts and leading lives toward eternal glory.
This passionately narrated audiobook is a resounding reminder to be aware of the wiles of the world and always choose God amid the confusion and temptations of culture.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “The Book of Scripture vs. Culture” by Pastor Raymond Vietmeier through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.
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Source: Audiobook Network