Author Paloma De Pilar’s New Book ‘Raging Against Cages: From Pain to Peace’ is a Book of Poetry Written in Spanish and English for the Survivors of Traumatic Events

Paloma de Pilar, who has earned a master’s degree in education from Harvard University’s School of Education and a master’s degree in social work in generalist clinical practice from the Columbia University School of Social Work, has completed her new book “Raging Against Cages: From Pain to Peace”: a gripping and potent collection of poetry in which the author engages in a psychological reckoning with herself. 

Author Paloma de Pilar introduces her work, writing, “This poetry work was first conceived as an emotionally transformative vehicle for the purpose of catharsis after a long period of traumatic events in my life. This is the poetic coming-of-age story of a woman of color. After experiencing several life-changing events that stemmed from long-standing family issues, in addition to the daily struggles of economic survival after Hurricane Sandy took my family’s home, I decided to describe the trauma, anger, hatred, and struggles I overcame in order to keep my family together. Some of the pieces were written for family members, and the transformative pieces describe the pain being experienced at various traumatic times in my life. My inspiration was leaving a legacy for my children in the form of poetry to help them bear witness to their mother’s struggles.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Paloma de Pilar’s compelling, bilingual work sets the author’s memories free and allows her to open cages in her mind.
Learning from emotionally traumatic experiences, the author conveys an essential truth: that even when life rips away one’s most valued possessions and all seems hopeless, in facing challenges, one gains the requisite strength to rebuild oneself in such a manner that one is better off than one was before. Paloma Pilar’s specific challenges occurred in two time periods: early in her life, before the age of twenty, and during her midlife, between forty to forty-eight years of age.
Readers who wish to experience this original work can purchase “Raging Against Cages: From Pain to Peace” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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