Author Lou Hovsen’s New Audiobook ‘Early Exits’ is a Riveting Tale About the Adventurous Life of a Runaway Soldier Taking on a New Identity Before Fleeing Vietnam

Lou Hovsen, a first-time author and retired nurse, has completed her new audiobook “Early Exits”: a suspenseful and captivating tale about the lengths someone will go through in order to survive.
Lou narrates, “The call haunted Paul. Her sympathy was unmerited. He was a coward. What he did was wrong. More men came home from Nam alive than dead. Larry Braden was not willing to give his life for his country. The sermons preached by Harold Braden, Larry’s father, about Larry’s duty as the citizen of a free country and the obligation to defend those rights was obviously directed to a faint heart, unpatriotic sissy with cold feet. Paul felt uncertain of his feelings toward the complex war now more than ever.”
Published by Audiobook Network, author Lou Hovsen’s new audiobook is a clever and intriguing tale full of heart-pounding suspense as the runaway’s life takes several twists and turns.
During the Vietnam War, a soldier named Larry Braden seizes the only way out of the war alive with his mentality intact. He steals the identity of a deceased solider named Paul and flees the country without any plans. Unable to go back home and be discovered, he travels going anywhere he can find passage.
Eventually, he establishes a normal life as Paul, however, there are multiple people that have suspicions concerning his past and are actively seeking information. Despite his stolen identity, he always endeavors to be an honest person. Relaxation is never an option for Larry, since he is anxious and constantly worrying about being discovered. Therefore, he always has an exit strategy in case of the worst scenario: being found out as Larry.  Readers will follow along these adventures, hoping that Larry’s true identity will never be uncovered.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Early Exits” by Lou Hovsen through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 
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Source: Audiobook Network