Author Laura Roetcisoender’s New Book ‘Priscilla Gets Lost!’ is an Adventurous Tale of a Curious Pigeon Who Takes a Ride on a Moving Building to a Brand New Place

Laura Roetcisoender, a volunteer reader at Pike Place Childcare and Preschool, has completed her new book “Priscilla Gets Lost!”: a whimsical story of a pigeon whose curiosity leads her to a new adventure.
After landing upon a “building” with some seagulls, Priscilla the Pigeon discovers that the “building” moves.  When the moving stops and Priscilla flies away, she finds herself in a brand new place called Big Island.  She is afraid and shy to ask for help, but Priscilla is determined to find her way home.
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Laura Roetcisoender’s playful tale follows a curious pigeon on an adventure to new friendships and new places.
After working up the courage to ask the seagulls for help, Priscilla is disappointed and confused by their advice.  It isn’t until she befriends another pigeon named Reggie and is introduced to a wise crow named Bert that Priscilla begins to understand the words of the gulls.  When she finally makes it back home to her familiar windowsill, Priscilla is eager to share her new discovery with her friends, after a good, long nap!
Readers who wish to experience this adventurous work can purchase “Priscilla Gets Lost!” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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