Author Kirby Paul Anderson, PhD-ABD, MS, AAS’s New Audiobook ‘Whispers of Maryam’ is a Challenging and Dangerous Narrated Journey Into the Spiritual Realm

Kirby Paul Anderson, PhD-ABS, MS, BS, AAS, who has a deep understanding of the spiritual realm, as well as a love of historic architecture with religious and spiritual significance, has completed his new audiobook “Whispers of Maryam”: a personal and heartfelt creation of the author.
The author writes, “At the moment of death, each person will acquire the knowing of the universe instantly. Each person will know and understand God’s plan for them and know intimately if their choices made on the blue planet were congruent with God’s plan. The depth of knowing will be frightening as each person will understand instantly how their choices fulfilled God’s plan or fulfilled their deadly sins. Fear, true fear, beyond anything ever known, will make many souls recoil as they understand how their years upon the blue planet were not lived for God but for themselves. A host of other reasons will make many other souls recoil from the knowing, but fear will be the strongest. It is at the point of recoil that the process of death breaks down.”
Published by Audiobook Network, author Kirby Paul Anderson, PhD-ABS, MS, BS, AAS’s new audiobook delicately explains that at the moment of a person’s death, the pure energy of the soul begins its journey away from the bonds of the physical body. Souls cannot reenter their earthly bodies, yet they can recoil from the all-knowing, all-loving embrace of God. There is a finite period when every soul must find its way to the embrace of God. When the opportunity is missed, the soul becomes lost.
Two brothers born to Irene and Bob–Dana the oldest, Raney the youngest–died as infants and became lost souls. Another brother, Kirby, born with raw empathic skills, the ability to feel the smallest vibrations of the blue planet, felt his lost brothers since very early childhood. A journey of over 50 years connected Kirby to the Earth, to lost souls, to the universe, and, ultimately, to God to help find a way for his two lost brothers to transform their lost energy and join God.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Whispers of Maryam” by Kirby Paul Anderson, PhD-ABS, MS, BS, AAS through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon.
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Source: Audiobook Network