Author Kaia Riley’s New Book ‘Finally Home’ is an Emotionally Charged Romantic Drama About Cara Finding Love After Years of Being Physically and Mentally Abused

Kaia Riley has completed her new book “Finally Home”: a gripping and potent romance novel about a woman, who suffers through years of abuse, finally becoming free from her abuser and gaining the ability to heal and live a life free from trauma.
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Kaia Riley’s absorbing romance tale details the heart-wrenching story of Cara’s love life.
Cara’s obnoxious husband dies, freeing her from a life filled with torture. She has been with her abusive husband for years; he tortured her, controlled her, and didn’t allow her to do anything but cook and clean for him. At parties, he told her to sit in a chair the whole time and speak to no one. Even if she followed his restrictive rules, he still would beat her. Sometimes he would beat her almost to death.
Cara put up with him for years without telling anyone but her doctor about her tragic situation. Cara also worked in a jail where she constantly faced bullying from inmates, which also harmed her psychologically. The abuse and bullying affected her mentally, causing low self-esteem and trust in no one.
After the Christmas party, with the assistance of his mistress, Cara’s violent husband attempts to murder her in a car crash. Fortunately, she is rescued by a police officer, and her cruel husband dies instead of her. This frees her from a lifetime of maltreatment. However, the emotional abuse still lingers and affects her health. She decides to start fresh and moves to a new town.
In the new town, she still ends up in the hospital for emotional trauma, but she is rescued by Officer Ian. After her hospital stay, she decides to change careers and travel the country, in order to improve her mental health and recuperate. Before she leaves, Ian professes his love for her and claims they are soul mates. After the confession, she decides to leave anyway, because she does not feel as though she is ready to start a new relationship, yet. When she finally returns after a few months of traveling, Cara and Ian meet at Mount Rushmore and discuss their future. Readers will discover if Ian and Cara’s relationship will survive with all the emotional baggage she brings from her past. 
Readers who wish to experience this steamy work can purchase “Finally Home” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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