Author K.D. Van Brunt Releases New YA Science Fiction Novel – A Red Sun Rises

Author K.D. Van Brunt is pleased to announce the release of his new, young adult science fiction novel, A Red Sun Rises. Released by Evernight Teen on February 14, 2020, the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers.

When the end of the world comes . . . face it on a skateboard

Nine years ago, an unknown poison called the “Red” saturated the atmosphere of the entire planet, killing off everyone except a remnant of immune survivors. Jake is a survivor, but the Red has left its mark on him, changing him in strange ways he does not understand. The answers to his questions, however, will not be found inside the gated confines of his small community.

Jake and his group are not the only survivors. A handful of non-immune scientists and their families also escaped death by retreating inside a giant underground bunker called the Hole. Unable to breathe the outside air, the inhabitants of the Hole search for a way to fix the air and save the species.

Seventeen-year-old Paige grew up in the Hole, skateboarding its hallways and chambers. Life underground is all she knows. Trained as a medic, her day job is helping find a way to cleanse the atmosphere and restore the balance of nature.

Paige and Jake live in different worlds, each seeking answers that seem impossible to find. Everything changes when their lives collide in a chance encounter. Paige realizes that Jake may hold the key to defeating the Red, and Jake, in turn, realizes that Paige and her people may have the answers about where he came from and why he is what he is. With time running out, the two rush to uncover not only what the Red really is, but also the strange connection growing between them.

Book Details:
A Red Sun Rises
The New Earth Trilogy, Book 1
By K.D. Van Brunt
Publisher: Evernight Teen
Published: February 2020
ISBN: 978-0369501325
ASIN: B084SR2T17
Pages: 262
Genre: YA Sci-fi, Science Fiction

About the Author:
K.D. Van Brunt is the author of the well-received Win the Rings trilogy. A Red Sun Rises is the exciting first book of his latest trilogy. When not lost in space, his day job is lawyering in Baltimore.

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