Author Jeni D. Davenport’s new Audiobook ‘Kind Words: The Glue That Helps Keep Us Together’ is a brilliant reminder to speak with love to cultivate peace and hope

Jeni D. Davenport, who was born in Southern California and currently lives in San Diego, has completed her new audiobook “Kind Words: The Glue That Helps Keep Us Together”: a meaningful story that brings a powerful message about the importance of being kind and making others feel special, important, and valued.
Author Jeni D. Davenport shares examples of how kindness can sound, writing, “How do we sound when we speak kindly? We can be calm and quiet like an inside voice or loud and excited like an outside voice.”
Author Jeni D. Davenport is a mother of three, former foster mom, health educator, fitness trainer, wellness coach, Civil Air Patrol squadron commander, student pilot, and U.S. Forest Service trail volunteer. Always looking for ways to empower others, Jeni continues to be an advocate for children and adults seeking safe and healthy relationships with zero tolerance for domestic violence and child abuse.
Published by Audiobook Network, author Jeni D. Davenport’s new audiobook is an impactful book that sheds light about emotional abuse. Jeni hopes to spread awareness to all through this book.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Kind Words: The Glue That Helps Keep Us Together” by Jeni D. Davenport through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 
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Source: Audiobook Network