Author Jeffrey Watson’s New Book ‘Jesus and Mary on the Bittersweet Path’ Merges the Style of a Daily Devotional With the Power of Historical Fiction

Jeffrey Watson has completed his new book, “Jesus and Mary on the Bittersweet Path: 10-Day Walks through the First Christmas and the First Easter”: a fascinating work that blends biblical and cultural insight from the first century.
Author Jeffrey Watson is a gifted storyteller, with his skills rooted in frequent trips to the Middle East and his education at Catholic University (MA), Dallas Theological Seminary (DMin), and University of Maryland (Ph.D.). Watson serves as the director of operations for Erickson Senior Living and as adjunct faculty at the University of Maryland (UMBC).
Author Jeffrey Watson writes, “It is commonplace for us to picture Jesus as a thirty-three-year-old at Calvary; after all, His execution took place on April 3, AD 33. The bigger challenge comes with pinpointing His birth year.”
He continues, “To guide us on this journey, we discover four things: (1) the Gregorian calendar, our system of “BC-AD” reckoning, doesn’t take hold until the late Middle Ages; (2) furthermore, in the Gregorian method, there is no year zero, yielding us only one year between 1 BC and AD 1; (3) King Herod I, Jesus’ first persecutor, died in the spring of 4 BC but was alive at Jesus’ birth; and (4) Herod interrogates the Magi about (a) the original timing of the star and (b) the exact birthplace of the King (c) before reflexively unleashing a mass murder of Jewish boys, toddler age and down.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Jeffrey Watson’s new book invites readers to walk the bittersweet path, joining Jesus and Mary on that unique journey from the first Christmas through the first Easter.
This captivating work also features stunning artwork by artist Mary Evans. 
Readers can purchase “Jesus and Mary on the Bittersweet Path: 10-Day Walks through the First Christmas and the First Easter” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books