Author Jarl Jensen releases ‘The Big Solution’. The enlightenment we need to save America and the world

Inventor/Author To Release Final Installment in Trilogy

Is the world’s collective belief system actually bringing humanity to the brink of catastrophe?

This question is the central theme to author Jarl Jensen’s ‘Wolfe’ series, beginning with Optimizing America, followed with Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil, and continuing with The Big Solution, to be released this May 1st, 2021.

The first installment focuses on protagonist Wolfe’s touring to promote a simple economic platform that would turn a corrupt system on its head.

When his ideas catch fire, he gets swept up in a presidential campaign that threatens reputations and lives.

Its follow-up details the events that transpire when Wolfe establishes an autonomous economic experiment on a farm near Savannah, Georgia. Its theory: give people the means to advance in life through daily direct deposits and even the formerly homeless can become entrepreneurs who contribute meaningfully to society.

Jensen, an engineer, inventor, and business owner was inspired to write a series that engages a gripping fictional narrative to explain a critical flaw he sees in global policy.

Sharing the exciting pace and urgency of fellow thriller authors James Patterson and Tom Clancy, Jensen presents large concepts within an adventure series inspired by a desire to bring humanity to a better, more harmonious place.

Jensen feels that “the experts of the world lack answers for humanity’s challenges and the best solutions are sure to come from an outside of the box thinker.”

A graduate of Boston University, Jensen may be a new voice on the literary scene but is an established business owner and creative thinker. As CEO of Inventagon, he specializes in helping clients bring cost-effective innovation to market.

He infuses this ability and experience into the world of his fictional trilogy. Jensen holds a rare passion for his message and seeks to connect to readers and help them understand the practical applications of his ideas to their real lives.

The Big Solution, Book 3 in the Wolfe series, will further the story’s adventures while continuing to illustrate Jensen’s humanitarian message. Jensen’s published work is available through bookstores and

Copies of the previous installments in the series can be requested for media review in advance of the final installment and Jensen is available for phone/Zoom interviews and virtual book club Q and A events.

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