Author James C. Wright’s New Book ‘The Adventures of Sweet Pickles McGillicuddy: The Mystery of the Disappearing Ruby Earring’ is About a Young Girl Who Solves Mysteries

James C. Wright has completed his new book “The Adventures of Sweet Pickles McGillicuddy: The Mystery of the Disappearing Ruby Earring”: an exciting story that follows Jennifer Nicole McGillicuddy, nicknamed Sweet Pickles, as she searches for mysteries in her sleepy little town.
High on her list is the Beethoven Castle, an abandoned 1800s mansion rumored to be haunted, according to some of the townspeople who swear they’ve heard strange and eerie organ music coming from it around Halloween every year. Sweet Pickles is determined to one day muster up the courage and find a way into the mansion to try and figure out just who or what is behind the ghostly music.
Just when she thinks that’s the only mystery in town, Sweet Pickles learns that Thomas, one of her best friends, is suspected of a crime she is certain he didn’t commit. Along with her other best friend Deardra and their canine sidekicks, Buster and Tuck, Sweet Pickles sets out to solve the mystery behind the unusual crime and to clear Thomas’ name.
Author James C. Wright introduces his work, writing, “In the small North Carolina town of Anglers Cove lives a girl named Jennifer Nicole McGillicuddy. Very curious by nature and with an inquisitive mind, she loves solving riddles, puzzles, and working on science projects that show why things in our world work the way they do. The reason she enjoys these so much is because each starts out as a mystery, which Jennifer adores most of all. In her bedroom, there’s a bookcase packed with detective novels and stacks of movies about all kinds of whodunits. An amateur sleuth, she can’t get enough of books about detectives and dreams of becoming a world-famous one herself when she grows up.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, James C. Wright’s thrilling tale follows Sweet Pickles and her friends through the twist and turns as they unravel the clues in this fun-filled adventure in mystery solving.
Readers who wish to experience this mesmerizing work can purchase “The Adventures of Sweet Pickles McGillicuddy: The Mystery of the Disappearing Ruby Earring” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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