Author Isbelia Belloso Leyba’s New Book ‘Are You Looking for Joy? Where?’ is a Motivational Self-Help Guide to Finding Happiness in Life

Isbelia Belloso Leyba, a life coach for over 14 years who graduated from the University of Zulia with a degree in pre-school education, studied four years of Gestalt Psychology, obtained various certifications such as the master’s in human and universal energy and the Silva Method, and trained to be a facilitator of Regressions at the Weiss Institute, has completed her new book “Are You Looking for Joy? Where?”: a gripping and potent self-help guide to finding bliss.
Isbelia writes, “In life, we are presented with attractive options, and although we are excited, sometimes we lack the will to apply them. Other times, we resist believing that something simple can be of benefit to us. You have in front of you the possibilities to fill your life and that of your close ones with happiness. You also have the opportunity to appreciate what, up until now, you have not seen or not been grateful for, to improve your relationships and your productivity, to wake up without anguish, to give to each experience only the importance it deserves, and to handle every obstacle that comes your way as one more experience without letting it destroy your balance, no matter how disturbing it is.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Isbelia Belloso Leyba’s inspirational self-help guide gives directions on how to live a life with more enjoyment.
Everyone has experienced sadness, confusion or frustration at some point in their life. The author believes that it’s imperative to face these circumstances in a way that avoids long-term effects on happiness. Sometimes, by taking a step back and viewing things in a different light, the perception of an event changes. When people obtain jobs, they must go to school to learn their discipline. The author explains how people need to train for life in the same way, with preparedness and knowledge of oneself. Readers will learn how to solve uncomfortable problems and how to live in contentment.
Readers who wish to experience this moving work can purchase “Are You Looking for Joy? Where?” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooksStore, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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