Author Glenn Ford’s New Audiobook ‘Talking It Over’ is an Inspirational Tale That Urges Readers to Love and Live Forever Through Understanding and Faith

Glenn Ford has completed his new audiobook “Talking It Over”: a gripping and potent guide that inspires the faithful to love and live forever.
Author Glenn Ford writes, “In 1975, at the age of twenty-two, I made a decision to stop being a phony. I was tired of being good sometimes and then being bad at other times. I wanted to be all the way good or all the way bad. I put my thoughts of my past on an imaginary scale, but the good times weighed almost the same as the bad times, and what was that slight difference in the weight? I thought, and then clear as crystal it came to my mind that the slight difference was the life that I had at that second, which gave me the ability to choose, and that life was what tipped the weight on the scale toward good. So then, more life above anything else is what I needed. I knew of a book that promised to offer that, even everlasting life, which is the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ is spoken of in the Holy Bible; He said, ‘Prove me,’ so I did, and He was and is that life my Savior and my God.”
Published by Audiobook Network, author Glenn Ford’s new audiobook is a powerful reading of the author’s book, discussing the many issues neglected by today’s leaders.
This inspirational book was crafted to be a light at the end of the tunnel for all readers and to give back life. It is a powerful rope that can pull those sinking in the quicksand of hardship to safety and offers enlightening, thoughtful answers to those with questions and understanding to those who are confused.
Through the beautiful narration, this audiobook inspires character and self-worth to those who lack it. “Talking It Over” is a light to those blinded by the deception of Satan, uncovering what greed has covered. This book simplifies what has been made complex, shares what God has freely given to all, and inspires the faith to love and live forever.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Talking It Over” by Glenn Ford through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.
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Source: Audiobook Network