Author Genaro Torres Celis Promotes His Book – Do: The Path of Continuous Growth

Author Genaro Torres Celis is pleased to announce the promotion of his self-help book Do: The Path of Continuous Growth.

The book aims to help readers:
– Embrace a higher personal responsibility while you are truly enjoying your Do (in Japanese pronounced “doh”); your path, your truth.
– Become aware of your gifts, your purpose, your passions, and embrace a higher personal responsibility to achieve your goals.
– Develop a martial mindset by learning profound and practical concepts from “Budo” (Traditional Japanese Martial Arts).
– Overcome each of the daily challenges and discover your Do in less than ninety days.
– Create and implement your own Personal Strategy Canvas (PSC).
– Clarify your deepest dreams, challenges, opportunities, and explore how to make daily progress towards your goals.
– Commit to your own process and you will see amazing things happening in your life!

Praise for Do: The Path of Continuous Growth”
“In this book, Genaro has taken a lifetime of practicing a variety of Japanese martial arts . . . and blended them with his many years of business consulting . . . [in] . . . the Personal Strategy CanvasTM–an approach to life and career design he created and has used as a tool for his clients for many years now….Whether you’re pursuing personal goals, a professional career, or leading a business, his approach is widely applicable and valuable.” –Grace Judson, author of The Five Deadly Shoulds of Office Politics: how they mangle your career (and what to do about them)

“Creating an organizational culture . . . starts with developing all individuals in the organization. Through years of work, first on his own growth and then serving leaders around the world on their journeys, Genaro Torres has developed a powerful process . . . ” –Cathy Liska, MCC and CEO of the Center for Coaching Certification

“Reading Do: The Path of Continuous Growth is like sitting with your best friend having coffee or wine–the conversation just flows. It’s that juicy, candid, and honest conversation that does not want to end . . . ” –Gaby Alvarez-Pollack, CLO and founder of GS&L Consulting

” . . . important and extremely practical information for those who want to enjoy the path of leadership through the positive impact on others–definitively a life changing book.” –Jose Moreno, founder and CEO of MBGE Intersystems

Book Details:
Do: The Path of Continuous Growth
By Genaro Torres Celis
Publisher: JetLaunch
Published: June 2019
ISBN: 978-1641841160
Pages: 198
Genre: Work Life Balance, Self-Help

About the Author:
Genaro Torres is the founder of GTC, a leadership and change-management organization focused on talent management. He is a bicultural executive coach and business consultant collaborating with leaders in organizations in the United States and Latin America.

Genaro holds an MS in Systems Thinking Engineering and Planning, a BS in Industrial Engineering, and professional certifications from the International Coach Federation, the Center for Coaching Certification, and the University of San Diego.

He has taught at the San Diego Community College District, collaborated with the San Diego Organization Development Network (SDODN), and is currently chair of the Association for Talent Development Mentorship Program. For his volunteer efforts, he earned the Distinguished Service Award from the American Society for Training and Development.

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