Author Fred R. Kuester’s New Audiobook ‘Adam and Eve for Atheists’ is an Inspirational Collection of 13 Everyday Miracles That Cannot Be Explained Away

Fred R. Kuester, a retired forester and high school teacher, has completed his new audiobook “Adam and Eve for Atheists: Who Will Rewrite the Bible”: an inspirational compilation of 13 tales of everyday miracles to convince nonbelievers of the true existence of God.
“I was raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the Great Depression. There was nothing great about it. I learned to hate at an early age. One of my early childhood memories was of the war in Europe. Why do these people hate each other? War meant guns and bombs. People killing each other. One morning at breakfast, Dad opened the Milwaukee Sentinel Newspaper and announced that we were at war. The carnage continued for four years. I am aware that nations must deploy a powerful military and that war cannot always be avoided, but I hate it. This has shaped my empathy for all suffering people. Everyone has a face.” –Fred R. Kuester
Published by Audiobook Network, author Fred R. Kuester’s new audiobook makes a compelling case for tolerance of those with varying spiritual views.
Each of the thirteen stories about God contained in “Adam and Eve for Atheists: Who Will Rewrite the Bible” offers specific examples of miracles that have taken place in everyday life. These are miracles that can be recognized by anyone who is willing to slow down and look for them. None of these stories are of miraculous healings or other events that can be challenged as natural happenings, some even have a hilarious twist. All of them indicate the handiwork of a mysterious force, God. Though these stories can not prove anything, together they reveal a mysterious force at work.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Adam and Eve for Atheists: Who Will Rewrite the Bible” by Fred R. Kuester through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon.
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Source: Audiobook Network