Author Dr. Bridgette Everhart Hardin’s new Audiobook, ‘Living Beyond the Why’, is a powerful resource for those navigating the inconceivable pain of suicide-related grief

Dr. Bridgette Everhart Hardin, a higher-education professional with formal training in bereavement and loss, has completed her new audiobook, “Living Beyond the Why: Navigating the Journey of Suicide-Related Grief”: a poignant source of guidance and support for anyone experiencing the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one to suicide. Dr. Hardin has been navigating her own journey of suicide-related grief since the untimely death of her brother in 1982.
Dr. Hardin says much of the literature she could find on coping with the loss of her brother was cold and generic. “I wanted to have some type of resource I could refer to that was prepared by somebody who has ‘been there,’ who really understood the intensity of the loss, frustration, and abandonment I felt.”
Published by Audiobook Network, Dr. Hardin’s new audiobook is an invaluable resource for listeners looking for guidance through loss, delivered by someone who has experienced it first-hand in a comforting, yet informative way. Her audiobook will help shepherd listeners through their own grief journeys.
Dr. Hardin says, “Grieving a loss from suicide is traumatic and typically unexpected. The act of one’s suicide tends to leave those of us left behind in a state of shock, wondering why … Often, us mourners of a suicide death are grieving in isolation, confused by our unexpected loss, and, moreover, confused about how to heal and move beyond our tragic loss.”
This audiobook can help listeners identify their own grief patterns, recognize relevant and beneficial coping strategies used to promote emotional healing, and explore and consider the various resources available to help navigate their own grief stories.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Living beyond the Why: Navigating the Journey of Suicide-Related Grief” by Dr. Bridgette Everhart Hardin through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon.
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Source: Audiobook Network