Author Dana S. Milson’s New Audiobook ‘Flames’ is a Heartfelt Memoir Detailing the Author’s Personal Tragedy Revealing Her Family’s Strength, Refection, and Faith in God

Dana S. Milson, a native of Miami who enjoys literature and writing as hobbies and has a career in education, has completed her new audiobook “Flames”: an enthralling tale that portrays the strength of a family during a traumatic event.
Dana states, “It was my Auntie Avis. She never calls me during working hours, so I had to take that call. As I answered, my aunt was on the other end screaming uncontrollably. I told her to calm down so that I could hear what was wrong because I could not understand what she was telling me. After a second or two she stated, ‘Your building just exploded.’ I was taken aback and responded, ‘Buildings just don’t explode. What are you smoking because you sound crazy as hell right now.’ She screamed, ‘You need to get here now. There was an explosion, and the building is on fire!’ At first, I thought she was high on drugs or something because I couldn’t comprehend what she was saying. I told her to calm down and compose herself so that I can hear and understand clear what she was trying to tell me. While on this important phone call, the class was sort of loud. I told my aunt to hold on so I could quiet the class and hear her clearly. The class complied because they wanted to know what was going on from the expression of concern on my face.”
Published by Audiobook Network, author Dana S Milson’s new audiobook is a poignant book in which the author reveals a traumatic event in her life. While at work one day, Dana receives a phone call with devastating news. It turns out that her home is on fire. Dana and her family have lost everything in the fire, many things that cannot be replaced such as photos and family memorabilia.
Instead of wallowing in sorrow about their tragedy, Dana and her family realize what matters most. Through self-reflection, hard work and perseverance they get through the rough times. Most importantly, their faith in God guides them in the right path. Listeners will discover that tragedies can be overcome just as this family made it through their trials and tribulations, anyone else can do so to if they persevere and do not give up hope.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Flames” by Dana S. Milson through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 
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Source: Audiobook Network