Author D. M. O’Byrne Releases New Cozy Mystery – A Killing in Vail

Book one, Death in Trout Fork (ISBN: 978-1644370155) was released in October 2018 and book two, The Mountaintop Murders (ISBN: 978-1644371374) was released in May 2019.

Kathryn “Ryn” Lowell is settling into her new job as editor of the Pineland Park Star when she is shocked to read of the sudden death of a dear friend from her childhood. Shot while skiing near the posh town of Vail, Colorado, the young man’s death is ruled an unfortunate hunting accident by the Vail police. But something about the incident just doesn’t add up, and Ryn is determined to find the truth. But asking too many questions can be dangerous. Will Ryn be able to solve yet another murder? Will her “snooping” put her life in danger once again?

What about Garrett? Is he still waiting patiently for Ryn to commit to him? Or is the beautiful new policewoman in his precinct becoming a distraction?

All three books in the Ryn Lowell Colorado Mysteries series are available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
A Killing in Vail
Ryn Lowell Colorado Mysteries, Book Three
By D. M. O’Byrne
Published: November 2019
ISBN: 978-1704969381
Pages: 210
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Mystery

About the Author:
D.M. O’Byrne’s first job was as a waitress. Now she’s a writer of mystery novels. In between, jobs included English teacher, racehorse exerciser, jockey, accountant, golf resort assistant manager, writer, and editor. Her places of residence ranged from the Jersey Shore to a lengthy sojourn in California, and finally to the Colorado Rockies. Each profession, each location was rife with life lessons, fascinating characters, potential plot lines, and wide-ranging experiences. Sooner or later, they will all end up on the written page.

O’Byrne is the author of the Ryn Lowell Colorado Mysteries series—Death in Trout Fork, The Mountaintop Murders, and A Killing in Vail. She has also written Dangerous Turf and the sequel, Three to One Odds.

D.M. lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and their cat, Warnie. They spend much of their time riding bikes and enjoying the scenery. Warnie spends his time watching the bunnies out the window, lounging on the sofa, and trying to catch his tail.

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