Author Constance Glickman’s New Book ‘Darby the Polka Dot Dinosaur’ Brings to Children an Imaginary Friend, Darby, the Polka Dot Dinosaur, Who Makes Every Day Magical

Constance Glickman, who is an educator, writer, and artist, has completed her new book “Darby the Polka Dot Dinosaur”: a delightful children’s story about a polka dot dinosaur who makes everyday adventures magical.
In this charming story about a child and his imaginary friend, a polka-dotted dinosaur named Darby, author Constance Glickman uses her award-winning literary talent to give life to the creative imagination of all children. Glickman illustrated this book with whimsical watercolors of the magical things that children might fantasize about to create adventures in their minds. Several pieces of her art have been featured in art shows. The author believes that children and adults alike can share and enjoy this fantasy together.
Glickman writes, “This is a story about my pet dinosaur, Darby. He lives inside my clothes closet. He has polka dots. I think he looks a little like my pajamas. He thinks he looks big and fierce.”
She continues, “I don’t know how he got into my closet. One day when I opened the door, he was there.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Constance Glickman’s fun and happy tale follows Darby and his buddy as they welcome playmates to share the fun of hide and seek, singing and dancing to the “hotch, hotcha, ho, haha,” and catching snowflakes on their tongues. Darby and his buddy share the same birthday. His buddy will be five and he will be a million. They have a party. The pink horse returns to grant their birthday wishes. At the end of the book is a special page for readers to make their own wishes. The pink horse grants Darby and his buddy the gift of sharing another year.
Readers who wish to experience this original work can purchase “Darby the Polka Dot Dinosaur” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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