Author Charles Faulkner’s New Book ‘Listen to Them’ Is About Talking to Animals and the Importance of Such Communication for People’s Wellbeing

Charles Faulkner, a writer, a musician, and a military veteran, has completed his new book “Listen to Them”: a gripping and potent book about the importance of planet earth’s biosphere, and how it relates to the way we treat animals and other forms of wildlife.
Charles writes, “For us humans, communication is an essential. It is an essential between husbands and wives. It is an essential between the men on earth and the spaceship in space. It is an essential between a boxer in the center of the ring and the handler in the corner, the coach on the sideline and the quarterback on the field, parents in the home and their children in their care. Communication is an essential, so much so that when communication is lacking, the results are confusion, misunderstanding, lost goals, and missed opportunities. Poor communications can have disastrous results.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Charles Faulkner’s engaging tale details the importance of communication, and how humans’ ability to communicate with one another so efficiently is the primary reason why we as a species have been able to achieve so much. Animals, on the other hand, while lacking the human ability to communicate through language as we know it, do in fact communicate both amongst themselves and with human beings.
While their various forms of communication may be much less sophisticated, and much more subtle, than the way in which human beings speak with one another, it is possible to understand what an animal is feeling, as well as what it needs, simply through observation and subtle visual and facial cues. In doing so, human beings can become closer to nature and gain a better understanding of how the damaged environment in which they live can be repaired. To understand, one only has to listen.
Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “Listen to Them” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.
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