Author Captain Leo Walton’s New Book ‘Addicted to the Sun: Book of Miracles’ is a Motivating Memoir Detailing the Author’s Recovery From a Near-Death Experience

Captain Leo Walton, a man raised in the mountains of Virginia and explored a few careers, such as firefighting, being a USCG/US Master Merchant Marine Officer, a founding member of Homeland Security, engineer, and the creator of a successful marine forensics’ investigation company, has completed his new book “Addicted to the Sun: Book of Miracles”: a gripping and potent memoir about the experiences of a man who is frustrated with the limits of western medicine.

Captain Leo writes, “For the longest time, the only general medical response I received from those I sought help from was that I was a miracle man, and nobody honestly knew what to do with me. I was supposed to be dead.
“Fast-forward to present.
“From the moment I was electrocuted and active today, my life has been 100 percent centered around energy, frequency, and vibration. With little information available at the time from western medicine, I sourced alternative methods to help me regain some form of stability in my life. I trained in yoga for the physical therapeutic benefits and immersed myself into the eastern philosophies, becoming a trained yogi and using the abundance of ancient skills and wisdom I discovered as a source of invaluable information. This provided me with much healing I so desperately needed at the time. Even with the devotion and continued improvements I gained, my bio-energies became more manageable, but they were still not under my command. It seemed that the rogue energies had a mind of their own, and I was just a passenger along for the ride. It was not until I began to train in the Japanese healing art known as reiki, becoming a reiki master, that I finally gained a level of confidence and skill manipulating my own bio-energy fields I was comfortable with.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Captain Leo Walton’s fascinating tale explores how sun gazing has helped the author recuperate from an accidental electrocution that caused severe brain damage.
One day when Captain Leo was working on the 220 AC shore power system in his boat, he accidentally electrocuted himself. He was thrown into the air 12 feet and the electricity entered his left hand and continued along his nerves to reach his brain, causing a severe traumatic brain injury. All of his doctors thought he should have died, that he’s a miracle man.
Captain Leo had to re-learn everything, such as how to speak, walk, feel and read. This accident changed his entire life. As his recovery progressed, Captain Leo realized that he had to be in control of his health and took recovery into his own hands. Being frustrated with the lack of help from western medicine, Captain Leo made the decision to explore alternative methods.
As he investigated various alternative remedies, such as yoga and reiki, he found sun gazing to be one of the most important parts of his recovery. Captain Leo explains the history and benefits of sun gazing. The experiments he has performed on sun gazing show how beneficial it can be for anyone. After completing these experiments, Captain Leo gained the ability to stare at the sun for forty-five minutes without harm. Readers will discover why Captain Leo calls this informative piece “The Book of Miracles.”
Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase “Addicted to the Sun: Book of Miracles” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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