Author Camille Cabrera’s New Book ‘The Rule of Three’ Follows a Powerhouse CEO Who Travels to Rural Wishburn to Seek Peace When Her Beloved Husband Falls Into a Coma

Camille Cabrera, author of “Catalina’s Tide,” a young adult novel set during the 1990s on Santa Catalina Island, has completed her new book “The Rule of Three”: a gripping and potent novel that follows Freya McLoughlin as her journey to a small, rural town in search of peace takes an unexpected turn.
Camille Cabrera is also the voice behind the international podcast “Creating with Camille Podcast” and the editor in chief of “LAgendary Magazine.”
Author Camille Cabrera writes, “Eventually her eyes drifted over to the clock on her computer screen. Freya let out a small huff in frustration. It was the third time this month that her assistant was late to work. Although Freya knew that Delilah was a productive and intelligent assistant, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. She absentmindedly combed a slim hand through her red hair before pulling the long tresses up into a neat high bun. She momentarily wrestled with her waves as the lengthy tendrils argued with her hands about remaining up in a hairstyle. In the end, a few red strands fell away from the smooth bun and framed her heart-shaped face.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Camille Cabrera’s spellbinding tale follows Freya on her journey to Wishburn. Soon citizens of the tiny town begin to mysteriously disappear, while a mountain lion slinks around like an oversized housecat. Freya encounters two already-ascended witches who aren’t sure what to make of the oblivious newcomer. Family secrets unravel as Freya’s mother explains that they come from a long line of powerful witches dating back to the thirteenth century. These witches might be the key to Freya’s problems, but before unlocking the truth, she’ll have to learn a few lessons about generational trauma. If Freya can stay alive, she might have a chance at saving more than just her marriage.
Readers who wish to experience this compelling work can purchase “The Rule of Three” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.
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