Author Bonnie Thompson’s New Book ‘A Cry No One Ever Heard’ is a Compelling Tale of a Woman Whose Life Continued to Try to Drag Her Down, Though She Prevailed With God

Bonnie Thompson, a spiritual believer who has overcome some of life’s greatest challenges, has completed her new book “A Cry No One Ever Heard: You see my glory but don’t know my story”: a gripping tale of a woman who grew up knowing she had been born unwanted, yet prevailed through every challenge life dealt her.

Thompson writes, “Two weeks had passed without a word to the girls from Papa about leaving. But secretly Papa had been working hard and sold enough on the farm to get his old blue pickup new tires. He finally decided to take his last two daughters (Viola and Lula) to their new lives. He still did not like the idea at all. All his other children married before they left home and resided in the Madison County area, but Viola and Lula had a strong desire to live in a bigger city. Papa was very leery about letting his baby girls go, but after all, Viola was now twenty and Lula was twenty-two. Also, he understood that they would never let him get a good night’s rest if he didn’t let them go.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Bonnie Thompson’s compelling tale is an admirable display of inner strength, belief in oneself, and faith in God.
Thompson encourages readers to remember that, though creating life is a beautiful miracle, treating a child with kindness and love, putting them first, is crucial.  Her own experiences had been so harsh, she wished she had been given up by her biological parents. Despite her circumstances, she reigned victorious in her life, saying, “Okay, just don’t dream. Make it come true—whatever it is. We all fall at some point in some fashion. The key is to get up, brush yourself off, keep looking, and going forward. Learn from mistakes. It’s called knowledge. I’m not a woman scared of taking chances. I’m a woman who believes in herself and my higher power in God. He’s there for you. Use Him and believe in yourself.”
Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “A Cry No One Ever Heard: You see my glory but don’t know my story” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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