Author April Drake’s New Audiobook ‘The Whispering Widow’ is a Captivating Mystery of One Woman Searching for the Unexpected Truth Behind the Death of Her Co-Worker

April Drake, a native of Texas and high-school English and history teacher, has completed her new audiobook “The Whispering Widow”: a riveting and entertaining mystery novel about finding love in the most unexpected places and Quinn’s determination in solving a crime.
Drake writes, “Ms. Taylor was young and healthy. It was her first year teaching with us, but that was long enough for me to know she liked to eat healthy and exercise, so I couldn’t imagine why she would have just dropped dead. It had to be one of those silent things, I told myself, like a heart defect you don’t know you have until it’s too late.”
Author April Drake’s new audiobook is a powerful book following one’s quest for the truth while embarking on a new romantic relationship.
Set in a small quiet Texas town, this tale follows Quinn a teacher at Sutter High School. She works with her best friends Eli, Bess, and Jess. On a Wednesday afternoon, while Quinn is teaching a history lesson, the unexpected happens. After hearing a piercing scream, Quinn rushes out of the classroom to find terrified students, including her son scurrying into the hallway because their teacher collapsed dead on the floor in front of them. It turned out that her new friend, the charming teacher next door, Leigh Taylor, suddenly died while teaching,
Quinn is determined to find out the truth of what happened after she overhears that this death was suspicious and unnatural. While trying to solve this mysterious crime, Quinn discovers Leigh may not be as sweet and innocent as she appeared to be. Unearthing a dangerous secret from Leigh’s past, causes Drew Darby, Quinn’s brother, to attempt to persuade her to end this quest for the truth. She almost stops, but then Quinn realizes the poetry game they played contains essential clues needed to solve the murder and unravel the secret she took to her last breath. Unexpectedly, throughout this whole situation Quinn finds herself falling for her best friend, Eli Bloom. Listeners will find out if Quinn can solve this mystery and if her infatuation with her best friend is true love or just a phase.    
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “The Whispering Widow” by April Drake through Audible, Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.
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