Author and Entrepreneur Releases Book Series on Adjusting Workspace Leadership in a Modern World

Pensacola, FL – Indigo River Publishing is proud to announce the release of the How (NOT) To guides, written by Mary Marshall and Kim Obbink, for aspiring and veteran leaders alike who are looking to enhance their leadership skills and find a way to thrive in the modern workplace.

Mary Marshall’s career began when she ran a small, family-owned business and had her first chance to enhance her own leadership and management skills in her through career coaching small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs. After selling her business, she launched a career as a consultant, expanding into executive coaching and her eventual position as a Vistage Chair at Vistage International, the world’s leading peer advisory membership organization. At Vistage, she become the first women to hold their #1 Chair ranking for the US, and later began running the full Western Division for the company. Marshall left Vistage after 12 years to start Marshall Advisors where, as the CEO, she was able to get back to working with entrepreneurs and helping them achieve their dreams. Her work in her practice, involvement with WIPP (Women Impacting Public Policy), and extensive coaching and executive advisory work placed her in a prime position to author multiple books on entrepreneurship and leadership in the workplace.

Kim Obbink began her career as a brand and user interface designer in the early days of Microsoft in 1989 where she combined her creative and entrepreneurial skills to build her own multi-million dollar interactive design and online marketing agency in Seattle. After Obbink’s agency was acquired by a large consulting firm she left her position as a partner there she moved on to join Filter Digital where she ultimately became the CEO. At Filter Digital she built a world-class digital marketing and user experience creative services agency.

Marshall and Obbink crossed paths when Marshall found herself as an executive coach to Kim during her career at Filter Digital. Even after Obbink’s eventual departure from her CEO position, the two stayed close and continued to exchange stories about what they saw wrong in the leaders they worked with and what they viewed as possible solutions for managers in any industry.

“Mary and I saw different perspectives but had similar views through our experiences in corporate culture,” said Kim Obbink, co-author of the How (NOT) to series. “We kept talking to each other about what we saw wrong with leaders we worked with and decided that our experiences and stories were lessons that others could grow from.”

Marshall and Obbink began writing with the plan of making a book showcasing how to properly look in the mirror and assess your leadership skills from an honest perspective to help grow a business. As the two brainstormed, they discovered that their lessons fit into different categories, bringing the expansion into a series of three books.

“The workplace today is different from ever before, but the need to thrive in the workplace is as important as ever” said Mary Marshall. “The books are tongue and cheek, but absolutely important and extremely relevant to today’s world. The world is different than it has ever been, and the normal we used to know is not coming back. For this, we need a fresh look at entrepreneurship for a new generation of leaders, and our books aim to be the framework for those looking to make the most out of their work experiences.”

The complete series, including How (NOT) to Be a Leader, How (NOT) to Build a Great Team, and the Amazon best seller How (NOT) To Create a Winning Strategy, is available on Amazon or for direct purchase through Indigo River Publishing.

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