Australian Martech Company Launches World-First Saas Experience for Sitecore and Expands Business Globally

Australia’s ‘Next-Generation MarTech Hosting’ company, Dataweavers, is accelerating the global launch of its business, following international uptake of its world-first SaaS experience for Sitecore and major client wins in the US.
Launched in Australia in late 2018, Dataweavers is a game-changing CX and DevOps platform offering the ‘Ultimate SaaS experience’ for enterprise MarTech platforms like Sitecore. The global, first-to-market product delivers performance, security and price guaranteed on the Microsoft Azure Platform, which until now could not be reliably delivered.
Ben Shapiro, Dataweavers CEO and Co-Founder says that the business was born out of a desire to help CMOs and CIOs simplify technical problems and accelerate business outcomes using complex enterprise Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs).
“As clients attempted to begin their CX transformations, they would often get blocked by DXP complexities, religious technical arguments and unpredictable costs, all of which created barriers to actually getting started,” he says.   
“And the problem with enterprise DXPs is that they’re hard to set up, not repeatable, too complex, take too long to deploy, or simply cost too much to upgrade.
“Dataweavers Managed Sitecore – our world-first SaaS solution for Sitecore – responds to these pain points and offers proven and streamlined products that are standardised, operationalised, repeatable and scalable.”
Shapiro adds that clients get the best of both worlds, making the most of an enterprise scale, flexible DXP platform that is also kept secure, available, and up to date on the latest version. 
Anthony Hook, Dataweavers CTO and Co-Founder says that to enable this, they have configured, tested and battle-proven thousands of different technical variables to identify what makes Sitecore work best, and matched that to proven Azure infrastructure patterns that are ready to deploy and optimise for all clients, regardless of requirements.
“Unlike most organisations, this pre-built capability ensures that when working with enterprise MarTech, we’re never starting from scratch and is how we can offer speed, certainty, and our price guarantee,” he says.
“What this means is that while some businesses can take months and even years to activate, our infrastructure allows us to go from zero to cloud and deploy in as little as fourteen days. It also means we can help clients fast track commercial outcomes while saving significantly on costs,” he adds. 
Recently named a Sitecore Most Valuable Professional, an elite group of global professionals recognised for their expertise and outstanding delivery on Sitecore’s products, Hook adds that Dataweavers customers always get the latest version of Sitecore with all features activated.
“We know what marketers need, so when working with Dataweavers, marketing teams and their development partners can simply get on with marketing and start driving CX transformation without the tech holding them back. 
“It also means there is no excuse for ‘phase two’ – as all of our clients experience business growth in as little as 90 days,” he says. 
Recent global appointments for Dataweavers include Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC), a Subway® Franchisee-owned purchasing company and Global Payments, a multi-brand direct debit and payment solutions company – both based in the US.
The global expansion has led to the appointment of team members internationally, with Alex Angas appointed to manage UK operations and a growing expansion into the USA with onshore resources joining the team in early 2021.
Founded in 2018, Dataweavers is a ‘Next Generation MarTech Hosting’ company offering full-service application management, full stack hosting and performance optimisation. Offering organisations and their partners the ‘Ultimate SaaS experience for Sitecore’ on Azure PaaS, their world-first managed service is backed by a performance, availability, and security guarantee that helps organisations visualise their deployment and audit key metrics around Sitecore. Dataweavers’ customers and partners value ‘peace of mind’ by increasing the velocity of their teams, ensuring high availability of infrastructure-to-application code MarTech Stack, and supporting zero risk operations. Dataweavers helps marketing teams access all the features of MarTech platforms, allowing them to rely less on other teams and do more marketing. For more information visit
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